Foreclosed Properties

Foreclosed Property Management

We work closely with lending institutions in a consistent effort to increase and protect the value of their foreclosed properties.
We offer PM Services for all aspects related to foreclosed properties in order to protect lending institutions and mortgage insurers and to ensure that their investment is providing the best return possible.
Our experience in dealing with such properties allows us to manage them in the most cost-effective way possible.
As a first step, we assess the property’s condition and advise our clients of the repairs and works that are deemed necessary in order to prepare the property for listing.
As a second step, we make sure that the property is maintained properly until the sale date.
Our aim: to maximize profit for our clients while minimizing costs .
Drive-by inspections, single or multiple occupancy checks
Single or multiple securement of properties (includes winterization of premises, transfer of utilities, lock changes and installation of lock box ) all provided in a detailed report with photos and a detailed estimate of works necessary
Change of locks (as a separate service)
Winterizing/ De-winterizing (as a separate service)
Regular inspections of a property
Regular maintenance (includes snow removal, grass cutting, repair works, cleaning etc.)
Condominium Management/ Tenant Management
Mold and asbestos remediation